I can spend because I’ll marry someone rich.
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Indeed, the mentality of “I can spend because I’ll marry someone rich” is a financial fallacy for several reasons:

  1. Uncertainty of Future: The future is uncertain. Even if you plan to marry a rich person, there’s no guarantee you will. Predicting to marry someone on the basis of wealth isn’t a sound financial plan.

  2. Dependence: Relying on someone else for financial security breeds a lack of independence. It’s healthier and more secure to rely on yourself for your financial wellbeing.

  3. Financial Instability: Finally, even if you do marry someone rich, financial circumstances can always change. Wealth can be lost as quickly as it’s gained.

Hopes, dreams, and aspirations often have us envisioning a future where finances are not a concern. People tend to rely on luck and prefer an easy way out, including marrying into wealth. This could also stem from cultural influences, societal norms, or myths around the ‘prince charming’ rescuing us from all complexities of life. However, life’s uncertainties and economic instability mean relying on another’s fortune might result in severe financial distress.

Recommended financial approach:

Financial responsibility involves building your own financial security and independence. This comprises budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding where your money goes. Your lifestyle should be funded by your own means, and you should always plan for financial emergencies.

In summary, your financial security and lifestyle should never be dependent on another individual - such as a future rich spouse you’re not even sure you’ll have.

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